Celebration Ideas

Anyone can participate in Free Speech Week! Whether it’s raising awareness about the history and importance of freedoms of speech and of the press, or engaging in everyday activities made possible because of these freedoms. Here are some ideas to get started:

Write a blog post. About freedom speech – or anything at all.

Display a bumper sticker.

Change your profile picture to our social media badge during FSW.

Learn more about freedom of speech and of the press. Go to ‘What is Free Speech?‘ as a place to begin.

Post a political sign in your front yard.


Write a letter to your senator or representative about an issue important to you.

Voice your opinion via social media, comment on an online article or write a review.

Write in a journal, compose a poem or song lyrics, or create a piece of art.

Submit a letter to the editor.

Tweet, post or pin quotes, articles or topical issues about the First Amendment and freedom of speech.