In 2018, The City Club of Cleveland commissioned three original murals by local artists for their “Freedom of Speech Mural Project.” Upon completion they were installed throughout the city to honor Free Speech Week and to inspire Cleveland residents to “consider the role of free speech in our civic landscape.”

Dan Moulthrop, CEO of The City Club, says “The ‘Freedom of Speech Mural Project’ reflects the City Club’s steadfast commitment to stand on the side of free expression. Every week we invite audiences and speakers to participate in civil, civic dialogue because we believe having a place dedicated to the practice of free speech deepens our understanding of each other and strengthens our democracy. Each of these artists has interpreted our mission in their own voice and from their personal experience to create a visual representation of the challenge and privilege of our right to free speech.”

Artists attributed to the mural images from left to right: April Bleakney, Donald Black, Jr., Christopher Darling