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SAVE THE DATE! Free Speek Week October 22-28, 2018
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Please note: Many groups and individuals have been organizing free speech events, including some called "free speech weeks." However, these are not affiliated with the official Free Speech Week represented on this website. Free Speech Week (FSW), originally called National Freedom of Speech Week, was created in 2005 and is celebrated annually during the third week of October. As always, Free Speech Week is intended to be a non-partisan, non-political, and non-ideological celebration of the value of freedom of speech and of the press.

Free Speech is a right all Americans share 365 days a year. Free Speech Week (FSW) is an annual, non-partisan celebration of this core value. Join us!


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Our Partnering Organizations keep good company. Here are some of the groups participating in 2018.


Freedom of Speech artwork by Everett Spruill

Speech is often visual. Learn more about the "Freedom of Speech" mixed media series created by artist Everett Spruill.


Click to watch the winning TV spot in the 2017 NABEF & BEA Freedom of Speech PSA student contest: "No Puppet Strings" by Tracy Egbas of University of Southern California. See the other winning entry and learn more about this annual contest on the NABEF website.


Click to watch Free Speech in the Digital Age, a panel presented by the NABEF and NCTA for FSW '15. Includes representatives from Facebook and the Huffington Post.
Friday, Oct. 23, 9:15 ET: Free Speech in the Digital Age - panel includes representatives from Facebook and The Huffington Post. Hosted by he NABEF and NCTA. Click here to register to watch online.

Partnering Organizations hold any activity of their choosing to mark FSW. For inspiration try Activities in the Spotlight and Celebration Ideas.


Click to listen to "The Right to Photograph & Record in Public" hosted by the NPPA in recognition of FSW '15. Hear perspectives from panelists such as award-winning photojournalist Mannie Garcia; John Verdi, the Director of Privacy Initiatives at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and First Amendment attorney Chuck Tobin on general constitutional questions (i.e. search and seizure) as well as practical advice regarding best way to handle such situations.

Click to hear "Voice Your Freedom" - the winning radio spot in the 2015 NABEF Freedom of Speech PSA student contest by Taylor Mefford, Texas A&M University - Commerce. See the other winning entries on the NABEF website. Congratulations, Taylor!

Click to learn more about the Foundational for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Stand Up for Speech Project on their website.