“Freedom of Speech” Mixed Media Series by Everett Spruill

Freedom of Speech 3 by Everett Spruill
Mixed media, paper, fabric and acrylic on canvas

Introducing the ‘Freedom of Speech’ mixed media series by artist Everett Spruill. Inspired by the idea ‘Let your voice be heard,’ Everett’s work speaks vibrantly in his own mixed media language  through the use of found objects, hand-made paper, fabric and acrylics. Of his art, Everett states “Harmony and contrast are the most important qualities I want to convey.”

In addition, Everett is also the founder and director of The Everett Spruill Foundation for the Arts,  formed to “honor all aspects of African American art, history and culture.” Through his foundation, Everett in turn encourages youth and emerging artists of color to find and express their own voices. To continue this important work, 50{a84e976d41d90463343e588c38cb8a6881b51684fdd2e4cbeadfc07e8a0b5774} of the proceeds from the sales of the “Freedom of Speech” series will be donated to the foundation.

Please click here to see more of the series, or contact Everett directly at everettspruill@bellsouth.net

About the artist:

For more than 30 years Everett, a self-taught artist, has been involved in collecting and creating works of art. He currently conducts art workshops for Central Florida youth through his non-profit foundation and is former owner of The Ethnic Art Gallery, Orlando, Florida.  Everett is most known for his early collages and works on paper, notably, the ‘Old School Jazz and Blues Series’, which feature colorful images of the fathers and legends of our own American art form known as Jazz. After graduating from Berea College and working as a Hotel Manager until 1989, Everett began his career as a full time professional artist. Everett’s art is influenced by American Artists Arthur Rayford, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White and Frank Stella to name a few.

The Everett Spruill Foundation for the Arts Executive Summary:

The Everett Spruill Foundation for the Arts is established to preserve and perpetuate the legacy of experimentation, research and development of the art of African American and artist of African heritage. The Foundation supports artists’ fellowships, educational programs, special projects, exhibitions, and publications that, deepen the appreciation of and , provide access to art by African Americans. In addition, the Foundation acknowledges the professional encouragement Spruill generously provides other artists, as well as his intellectual interests, by supporting the creative development of up-and-coming artists of color through the foundations Black Artists Group (BAG). First and foremost, the Spruill Foundation’s ultimate goal is the establishment of a Museum of Art within 10 years. To accomplish this goal the Foundation is planning an ongoing series of fundraising exhibitions and events in Orlando Florida.