by Allison Matulli with Clelia Castro-Malaspina

A nonpartisan, unbiased look at the First Amendment and how it informs our daily lives, this book clearly explains the fundamentals of American politics to middle grade readers.

The First Amendment grants kids and every other citizen five monster privileges: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition the government. If the First Amendment is everywhere in their lives, shouldn’t kids know more about it? Yes!

In Your Freedom, Your Power, middle grade readers get a focused look at their freedoms and rights through the lens of this all-powerful First Amendment. The book engages children in learning more about their country and their rights and responsibilities.

Each section will answer key questions readers may have thought about like: Do I have the right to protest at school? Can I be punished at school for something I say on social media? Why can’t I wear whatever I want? Can I text whatever I want? While answering these questions and explaining fundamental legal concepts every kid should know, Your Freedom, Your Power shares the fascinating stories behind some of the most important legal cases and social movements that have affected kids’ lives and rights.

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A Junior Library Guild selection!

“This offering’s subtitle includes the words ‘A Kid’s Guide,’ and here those words are especially apt. Readers are addressed directly, kids’ rights and relatable issues are kept at the forefront of every discussion, and heady topics, such as the federal court system, are introduced in an informal, conversational manner. Manageable paragraphs, accessible text, lists, charts, and insets help explain, citing court cases that directly affect students: evolution in science courses, religious-related clothing, the effect of school bathroom policies on transgender kids. Every chapter offers fresh perspectives and interactive activities, including tips on how to petition for change. Students, parents, and teachers will appreciate the generous back matter and direct approach, and this works equally well as leisure reading for young activists, a homework helper, or a classroom supplement. Most important, this book empowers kids, telling them how to use their voices and defend their rights.” —Booklist, starred review

“Current, insightful, and savvy.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Matulli and Castro-Malaspina break down the functions of the First Amendment in this handy guide to American politics. Through their conversational approach, the authors demystify the document to present a primer for young people.”—Publisher’s Weekly

Allison Matulli is a former attorney and educator, and now founder of The Little Lawyers, an organization promoting legal awareness in children. She is also an adjust faculty member at Florida International University, and most recently was awarded a triple Fulbright Global Scholar Award, where she will research about freedom of expression and deliver lectures in Columbia, Italy, and Trinidad and Tobago. To read more about Allison visit

Clelia Castro-Malaspina is a former attorney who’s goal is to make the law more accessible to kids. She received her law degree from American University Washington College of Law and her Master’s degree in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College.